Friday, September 4, 2009

Reflections...Rehearsing Summer this Fall

Thank you friends who joined us in Ft Tryon Park on August 3! It was great to see friendly faces and meet some new folks. And thank you dancer friends (young and old) who surprised us with your willingness to jump right in and participate along side of us. We had a beautiful day for it, and our setting overlooking the river was gorgeous. For the improv, Dawn guided us through noticing the sounds (lots of birds, rustling leaves, an ice cream truck, and the occasional airplane overhead). A guitar player nearby inspired us with Flamenco-like rhythm and melody. Other highlights were a red-light/green-light inspired improvisational game and a wind-blowing-trees study. We spent a lot of the time exploring bird-like movement, something Dawn is focusing on in the studio with the dancers right now. She is working this fall to cull that material from our Summer improv into a dance section to be shown at Under Minerva later this month and then ultimately as part of the larger project. We were also able to capture these sounds for our future sound score. Stay tuned for more details, and for our Fall improv date.

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