Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dawn is showing at Under Minerva

...of Paradise

A Natural Hybrid

bright, colorful, odd
strong, sharp, sophisticated
My heart is beating like a jungle drum
Bum bum-bum ba-ba-ba ba-bum

This piece, inspired by our Summer improvisation in Ft Tryon Park, will eventually be fused into The Seasons Project. This first showing, an sectional outline, if you will, (...of Paradise) is a holographic image of the mating worlds of birds and humans in preparation for love. We are inescapably human, but how much of what we do to get ready to woo is mirrored elsewhere in the natural world? The Birds of Paradise preen and clean themselves and their homes to charm their mates. Don't we humans do the same? Through the lens of the multitude of colors, smells, sounds, and tastes that summer offers us, let your senses brim with the ripeness of the season and its excitements.

Performance at Under Minerva, 656 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY. 8pm, tickets are $6.

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